Bad Makes

bad makes the good better

failing shapes a go-getter

fire makes the trees stronger

breakdown the ride’s longer


bad makes the good better

dying thirst the water sweeter

long tears lead to lighter laughter

winter’s chill the spring’s brighter


it’s not supposed to be easy

it’s not supposed to last

so hold onto who you have

hold them tight and fast


bad makes the good better

boredom makes the mind wander

quarrel so you understand her

loss makes our ties stronger


Take The Fall

These bruises don’t scare me  

But your music is haunting  

If I can’t hear one more song  

I think I’d die inside  


The smoke gets in your eyes  

But don’t apologize  

If I have to see you go one more time  

I think I’d die inside  


If you can’t stay forever  

Don’t come at all  

If you can’t strum forever  

Don’t strum at all  

I’ll take the fall   


Your breath on my cheek  

The noise when we don’t speak  

If I can’t have one more night with you  

I’d die inside  


So drench this fire  

I can’t get any higher  

If I have to drink one more beer alone  

I’d die inside  


Winter Song  

As we walked in the snow  

Our feet sinking low  

Your pace was faster than mine  

And you stopped sometimes to see if I was still there  

I was still there.  


And we’d sip whiskey by the fire  

And wine by night  

Surrounded by that melt-less white  

And you look up to see if I was still there. 

I’m still there.    


Winter has set in  

We wait for the thaw  

Winter is a friend  

Winter is a foe  

Winter has set in  

We wait for the thaw  


And when we tired of the house  

We would venture out  

You pull ahead, not slowing  

Instead you turn to see if I was still there.  

I was still there.  


And at night our faces  

Lie inches apart  

A meadow of doubt between our hearts  

You reach out to see if I was still there.  

I’m still there.   


Maybe Kinda Sorta

Red head mama 

Bicep drama  

Gonna take you down one of these days  

Freckled little lady  

Calling me baby  

There you go unraveling my frays  


Ooh, whatcha’ doing’ to me?  

Ooh, got me weak in the knees  

Maybe, kinda, sorta  

I’m falling for your order  



Lay me down  

Gonna hear that sound  

Coming from your lips  

Turn you over  

Kissing your shoulder  

‘Till your body drips  


Let’s pretend, there is no end  

Gonna make eternity this night  

And when you’re spent like last month’s rent 

Gonna hold you tight  



my first time up that hill at sunset time

so still no breeze

I heard you

a single bird singing happy as can be

"how'd I do boy, like what you see?

I know you like those ponderosa trees"


grab a flashlight grab a chair

if you're old enough grab a bottle of beer

it's sunset time

let's cross the field

every prairie grass is waving at us

up the path we share with deer

put our chairs down

their beds are here



The grey city awaits you 

A grid with freaks and geeks 

Mutt dogs and teens that gleek  

From every blue corner 

Of the nation, they make their migration    

Westward to the City of Roses  


New York can keep its big apple  

We’ll keep our fir trees   

If you listen carefully, you hear the crackle  

Of local coffee beans 

Of fugitives and refugees 

Front yard chicken coups   

Next to big maple leaves 

And queer fruit loops   


Florida can keep its sunshine  

Here, the dream of Bohemia is alive  

With Voodoo Doughnuts and naked bike rides  

Where microbrew warms bellies inside  

Read between Palahniuk’s lines  

Find the Geek Lover’s guide 

Of Elliot Smith’s downslide 

Flip the script, album’s B-side   


Broke Down Magnets

Boredom alone only shrinks the blood vessels    

That feed my eyes  

Tongue and cheek silence

Empty space and molecules are forevers  

One floorboard  

At a time  

Me and the paint chips.   


Feeling sorry for myself just repels me    

From my hinges.    

No joints in working order 

Might as well as  

Dress me up  

And place me in    

The window display  

With the other mannequins 


Me and Hunter and Emily 

Gonna play    

Like a family  

Have broke down magnets 

Broke down magnets  


When Our Ship Comes In

when our ship comes in

gonna buy a fifty dollar bottle of gin

host a happy hour every day

lots of games for us to play

we’ll stay up past midnight

you know we’ve earned the right

when our ship comes in

won’t know how lucky we’ve been


when our ship comes in

never gonna weed the yard again

nor mop the floor once more

be done nailing two by fours

we’ll pay a living wage

to someone half our age

teach them to do it right

our chrome be shining bright

when our ship comes in

won’t know how lucky we’ve been


when our ship comes in

gonna go out travelin’

see some things we’ve never seen

be some places that we’ve never been

hear from people with other eyes

get ourselves hypnotized

when our ship comes in

won’t know how lucky we’ve been


Post Election Blues

my neighbor got hurt by

machinery on the fritz

got laid off and replaced

by a simple minded ditz

his pre-existing condition

there are no profits there

on his own left for dead

with no Obamacare

she had it in the bag we thought she could not lose

afflicted by post election blues


my sister got coerced

unprotected sex

with a white supremacist

smooth talker she’d just met

when she told him the news

he just let out a snort

she was all alone SOL

no option to abort

the stated results we patently refuse

down in the dumps post election blues


my friend he does worship

at the neighborhood mosque

he prays five times a day

some say that is a lot

they view him suspiciously

and follow him in a van

there’s more who seek refuge

but now they have been banned

we’re hittin’ the bong we’re hittin’ the booze

day after day post election blues


my coworker’s been here

for twenty fruitful years

a part of the community

his kids have grown up here

but that man had a wall built

made Mexico pay for it

rounded up those paperless

and had them all deported

how did half this country this man choose

the other half has post election blues


my daughters are mighty

wowed everyone they’ve met

but this country has issues

with the feminine set

on the way up that ladder

i’m afraid they will be reeling

you know they will hit their head

on that old glass ceiling

he had no experience hadn’t paid his dues

but we’re the ones with post election blues


Natural Consequences


got your Cuban cigars and your wads of cash

you the boss man?

you’ve got a pretty sweet deal here

addiction monopoly

the biggest cost you don’t even have to pay


you’ve got your mansions in the mountains

helipads and deep water wells

no empathy just complicity

smirking with a smear of lies

you don’t care what happens down here

sleeping tight while the masses wash away


we’re comin’ up to your mountain

we’ve done this kind of thing before

no peak too steep for climbin’

yeah we’re knockin’ down your door

got T-bones for your guard dogs

gonna coopt your hired guns

but we ain’t gonna shoot you

not gonna kill you ourselves


gonna drop you on the flood plain

take you to tornado alley

chain you to the sea wall

leave you at the forest fire’s edge

these are natural consequences

you reap just what you sow

you can even call it